The Benefits of Hair Weaves

Hair weaves are so popular because there are many benefits to them. One benefit is that having a weave gives natural hair a break from styling, hair products and chemicals, the effects of the sun, and pollution. Natural hair is protected and left alone so that it can be restored by natural oils, and grow without splitting or frizzing. Hair is tightly braided prior to a sewn-in weave; it is covered with lace when a lace closure weave is applied; and it is pulled back in a small bun if an extension is added for a ponytail or long braid. Some bundles may be added to hair for fullness, which means the natural hair is not as protected, but the ends are less likely to split and break.

Another benefit is the versatility of a weave. People can change hairstyles often because the weave has to be taken out every two months anyway. A long style can be replaced with shorter deep curls for an entirely new look. If the same hair is re-applied for the weave, it can be styled differently with ease. A straight weave, for example can be curled or blow dried for a bouncy and full look for a few days. Once it is washed and conditioned, it can be left straight again, flat ironed for an even sleeker look, or swept into an up do for a special occasion. A quick style can be achieved with clip-in extensions for one day or an evening.

Low maintenance is also a benefit of a hair weave. It can be twisted at bedtime and placed in a satin cap for sleeping. That will prevent tangles and retain moisture. In the morning, simply take off the cap, let the hair down, and run fingers through it. Curl definers will refresh wavy styles, and braiding the hair at least once a week with keep curly styles full and bouncy. Conditioning the hair is important before styling to keep it shiny and healthy looking. With proper maintenance, high-quality human hair bundles can last for one to two years. Synthetic bundles will last for up to six months if care for properly.