Salvage all your lost data with our recovery mechanism

With the advancement in electronic and our reliant to computerized safes has created all new problems that people never had imagined a couple of decades back. We tend to store all the data from computer into drives like hard drives and pen drives. What happens when something goes wrong in those drives?. You end to lose a lot hence it is better you take steps to ensure that the drive that you have stored all the data in it is safe and performing. Regular servicing of your drives will ensure that the data inside is in good health. No one can predict the breakdown of a hard drive however there are symptoms that it displays when caught at the right time can salvage your lost information. You can try downloading regular recovery software that repairs and recovers the data only at the top. Badly damaged hard drives need expertise attention to get data recovered.

We will give you advice to resolve your recovery woes for free

Anytime you suspect that your storage setup is compromised it is critical that you call us and we will provide you with free consultation that will enable you to take steps that required to prevent the damage from happening. If none of it works contact us and we will tell you how our services will come to you rescue. If you have important official documents stored in the hard drive and the loss of it can cause serious repercussions to your business, contact us immediately and we will try to connect remote to your system to see if we can bring your required document to the surface. We provide all kinds of recovery options. We have an emergency service where we get on with your case resolution without delays as we respect the urgency that you have.

Proper maintenance and checks are required to ensure continuous working

We have a strict regime of handling customer hard drives; we don’t share or discuss any information in your drive as we see your drive as a piece of hardware that requires attention. We do recommend to our clients that if they notice hard drive physical damage then it is important that the recovery process takes place in a room that is clean and free from dust as further exposure to the drive can make the entire salvation difficult. If there is certain part of the drive that is corrupted, we will connect to your computer remotely and run diagnostics to understand the exact location of the drive that needs our attention. If the problem can’t be solved remotely we advise our clients to store the drive in an air tight package and send it to us at the earliest for the data recovery process to start. The quicker the works starts on your hard drive the higher possibility for us to ensure that there is loss of data. We have a customer service line that you can contact if you are currently facing trouble with the data stored in the drives.