Remote Rewards – The Benefits of Using a Virtual Office


Over the last decade, the rise of the small business has been nothing short of meteoric. Far from crushing the entrepreneurial spirit, the struggles of the global recession have renewed and reinvigorated it. New life is being breathed into a wealth of different industries, as people are waking up to the opportunities presented by technology.

If you can run a successful business from a smartphone, it’s clear that the age of big money is dead. While nobody is arguing that launching a business on minimal funds is easy, software and virtual solutions can now be used to fill gaps and create shortcuts. The virtual office, for example, is helping startups in Singapore to compete with powerful multinationals.

This guide to the benefits of virtual office solutions will explain why they are an important resource for small businesses.

Grow When You Want To

The belief that the best way for new companies to survive is to borrow money, in order to reach a place of profitability quickly, is becoming rather outdated. It is possible to launch a business on minimal funds, but you have to be extremely economical with initial expenses.

Click the website link to find out why virtual offices are a great match for this kind of launch model. They are intended to be used as a flexible form of off site support. You are accessing resources on a ‘pay as you go’ basis, rather than renting them outright for a specific duration.

Moving At Your Own Pace

It means that you can hold back on leasing a full-time office and still utilise all of the software, tools, and equipment needed to run the company. This is a great way to control and minimise expenses, while you’re waiting for returns to kick in and profits to swell.

Doing things this way might not fit the glamorous image of entrepreneurs, with swish private offices full of shiny new equipment, but it will help you avoid debt. The less you borrow, the faster your business will emerge from its startup phase and become an established brand.

Pay As You Go’ Terms

Few leasing arrangements are as flexible as virtual offices. The vendors in Singapore make their facilities available on a ‘pay as you go’ basis. Essentially, this means that tenants have the privilege of cherry picking tools and resources.

When registered, you’ll get the chance to review the range of corporate services on offer and edit the payment plan to reflect your needs. If you don’t want to pay for conference room access, go ahead and eliminate it. If you’d like 24/7 customer phone lines, you just have to ask.

Try Racing to the Top

One advantage of going virtual which often gets overlooked is the unparalleled access to high-end facilities. If you take a look at the virtual offices in your city, you’ll see that they cover some of the finest, most prestigious locations.

Usually, spots like these would be hard to acquire for small businesses and entrepreneurs with tight budgets, but virtual offices have low rates. Tenants aren’t charged full-time prices because they’re not leasing private suites. Therefore, luxury spots are within your reach.

Looking for the Perfect Virtual Office for Your Business

The most important part of finding a virtual provider is knowing what you need. All vendors are different, so be clear on your technical requirements. If you plan to operate out of the physical workspaces at least some of the time, don’t forget to check the server capabilities.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions of a provider. If you need help managing your mailbox, enquire about the administrative services on site. If you want to host clients as if it were your own office, make sure there are high-quality conference rooms.