A Little Help is All I Needed

I had no idea that I was missing so many features from my QuickBooks program until I called a Quickbooks Pro customer service phone number and talked with a professional about a problem I was having. After I explained what I was trying to do, he told me that I was taking the long way around to get the results I wanted. In very easy to understand terms, he walked me through a better and much faster way of getting the same results, and with no problems attached either like I was experiencing before the call.

I had purchased the program initially to help me manage my financial accounts with my small business. I am my only worker, but that does not mean that it makes it extremely easy to handle the financial aspects on my own. However, with getting Quickbooks Pro, it did make it a lot easier, especially after calling the customer support phone number that I did to get some questions answered. I am now able to handle my invoicing very easily, and it is always done on time and the proper way now that I know how to do it the right way.

That phone call encouraged me to look at other aspects of my Quickbooks Pro that I might be missing, and I actually did learn a lot that I was not aware of. Other than my invoicing, the biggest help I have found is with my expenses. I do rack up a lot of them since I am on the road a lot, so there is the mileage and business meals plus hotel costs, and then there are the purchases I make of the resources I need. My expense reports are so much easier to do now, and I have never felt this organized before.